idea gardens inc.


Peggy Jessome, MBA

For as long as I can remember I've been thinking about creativity and wanting to experience more of it in my life. Like many people, however, I started my career in a more conventional way, working first as a clinical dietitian, then department head, before obtaining an MBA at the University of Warwick. I chose a specialization in Continuous Quality Improvement, and implemented a quality program at Children’s Hospital before leaving to start my own consulting business. Those experiences gave me a strong grounding in the value of structure and logic, and how to use that as a way to support intuition and creativity, rather than to squash it.

Since 1992, I've worked with businesses and individuals to clarify what they want, and to find ways to bring that into being, through visions and strategies, team building and coaching.

Peggy At the same time, I began to re-discover my own creativity, creating portrait collages and handmade books (See samples of my work in Classic Scrapbooking: The Art and Craft of Creating a Book of Memories, by Vera Rosenbluth and Susan McDiarmid). What I noticed for myself and my clients was that working creatively was a fundamentally different way of being in the world. Rather than problem solving (trying to make something go away) and struggling with the circumstances that existed, it was possible to use those circumstances as part of the raw material to create what was wanted. It was both more effective, and more satisfying.

It was also more sustainable. Because the experience was inherently more satisfying, it built energy rather than draining it, and because it was a way to use whatever circumstances existed as a way to move to what you want, it didn't depend on things going well.

Recently it has become more and more important to me to orient my life in this way – to  make more space for art, and to live and work in a way that is creative.   For me that has included developing a new business – idea garden design – to allow me to explore another passion of mine, creating beautiful gardens.