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Administrator of a Complex Care Facility – Renee’s Story

My vision is to create a space of peace and stillness for myself and others
Where we can create results fluidly and effortlessly. —Renee

In 2004, Renee was the Administrator of a 76 bed complex care facility in the Lower Mainland of BC. The facility had just been part of rancorous strike, with the result that morale and trust between union and non-union staff was low.

When Renee approached idea gardens, we determined that a personal vision was a good first step: it was a way to support and give herself clarity in this difficult working situation. Using her personal vision as a guide, she was able to build in more space for herself in her life, and build more confidence in her decisions as a leader.

With this greater clarity and confidence, Renee took the next step: inviting a cross section of staff at all levels to work with us in creating an organization vision. Having staff & managers on board enabled Renee to further realize her vision of creating results fluidly and effortlessly. With quarterly follow ups scheduled with idea gardens, Renee and her team created a number of innovations:

  • A pre-school program where children and elders could connect
  • An amenities shop staffed by volunteers
  • Many improvements to the physical environment
  • Group coaching for staff to continue to develop personally
  • Ongoing implementation of the Eden Alternative

Although an individual’s personal vision remains constant, the form it takes may change drastically. It can also be the driving force to have the courage to make change. By 2007, Renee’s confidence in her vision allowed her to make a life changing decision with ease: she and her partner decided to move closer to family, to a small town in Saskatchewan, where she took up the position of Care Team Manager. The smaller size and lower complexity of the facility have allowed her to work hands on, and to create the results she wants in a more effortless way.

The lower living costs and simpler life style allow Renee and her partner to live well within their means, to have more space for themselves, as well as for friends and family. These circumstances have created ‘a space of peace and stillness’ for both of them, so that they can continue to create the results they want fluidly and effortlessly.

“Although I was initially a bit skeptical, the results of Peggy’s process have been far beyond what I ever expected. The process was enlightening, motivating and energizing. It helped me identify what I was passionate about, and how to apply it to my life and work.

Ongoing coaching has given me opportunities to reflect and gain awareness, and to maintain focus through obstacles, so that my life is both enjoyable and fulfilling”



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