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A personal vision is a clear statement of focus and direction that encompasses both the personal and professional aspects of your life. The strategy takes this direction and translates it into concrete steps to make the vision a reality.

Elements of the vision:

  • Finding your strengths
  • Clarifying your gift
  • Creating your vision
  • Identifying your energy sources
  • Translating the vision to action

Scheduling is flexible, depending on your needs. Options include:

  • 3 day session in a retreat setting - fees available on request
  • One-on-one consultation for up to 20 hours, and one month's follow up coaching, available locally in Vancouver

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"After more than 7 years, I still think about my vision whenever I teach or work with a group, and it's still alive and relevant for me."

—Nancy McPhee, Consultant

"The work we did together allowed me to look into the things that drive me, and to understand how I can channel those forces into my work and into my play."

—Russ Kwan, Partner
Paradigm Development Corporation

“I have come to understand that my vision can be realized in every moment – rather than something that happens in the future.”

—P.Clark, PFC Catering