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Developing a vision and strategy is a way to clarify what is truly important within your organization, and to create focus and direction. Through participative processes, you will reach agreement on answers to the following questions:

What do we want to accomplish together?

What kind of community do we want to build within this organization to support each other as people?

What concrete actions do we need to take to make this happen?

You Benefit By:

  • Creating a clear focus and direction
  • Discovering work that is more satisfying and more suited to your organization's strengths
  • Building a strong foundation for future growth
  • Developing more effective use of resources
  • Experiencing greater cohesion and commitment
  • Creating greater flexibility in adapting to a changing environment

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What Clients Have to Say:


“You have a unique combination of intuitive, group facilitation and business skills. You helped us identify what kind of customers we had the most satisfaction working for.

Now, we know who we are, and we know who our customers are.
In the four months since we completed the process, our revenues have grown by over 80%.”

—John Hunter, President
Paradigm Development Corporation  


“With a vision in place of what we wanted the organization to look like in future we were able to settle down and identify the steps that had to be taken to move us forward.

In particular, it was easier to select from among all the competing priorities [yes, we actually reduced our expectations of ourselves] and to be realistic about what could be achieved [but achieved more in real terms].

The quarterly or biannual reviews of how well we had done and what were our next steps were always useful and kept us moving forward. Not that we moved in a straight line; in fact it was a relief to get away from long term strategic plan that is out of date before it is more than a few months old.

Instead we took the steps that responded best to the current situation and that also kept us moving to the final destination. Interestingly, this looser approach got us further, faster.”

Kiwanis Lodge


“Process helped to get all people in the company moving in the same direction. People want to have a dream, a vision that is theirs. When they create the vision for themselves, it’s theirs, they’re “on a mission”.

When employees buy in, they don’t leave. If they don’t buy in, there is always somewhere else where there is more cool work, more money, more benefits. As soon as it’s down to money, you’ve lost the game.

You helped to bring in the outliers, to channel the energy, & make sure it doesn’t run amok.The outcomes were increased employee retention, increased enthusiasm and productivity."

Paradigm Development Corp


“When I gained more clarity and understanding about my life and its gray areas, I could become more effective leader and coach/mentor for my staff. The planning became less erratic; the flow of work was logical and effective. Everyone' stress level decreased, people become more efficient and satisfied with their jobs. There was less bickering and energy waste.”

Richmond Lions