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Organizations whose Success Depends on Employee Involvement

Developing a vision is a way to create focus and clarity within an organization on what is truly important. Through participative processes, people within the organization reach agreement on answers to the following questions:

  • What do we want to accomplish together?
  • What kind of community do we want to build within this organization to support each other as people?
  • What concrete actions do we need to take to make this happen?

For organizations whose major resource is the skill, knowledge, experience and interests of its people, this is particularly pertinent. The vision identifies what is need and wanted by the clients served by the organization as well as what is needed to make work satisfying and meaningful for those who provide the service. In developing a shared vision it is possible to meet the needs of both, as well as to focus and use the organization's resources more effectively, so that a greater sense of commitment and community is developed.

Developing a shared vision moves the organization from a reactive to a proactive stance. By having a clear focus and direction, it can move forward in two ways: first, by following through in a linear and logical fashion with the action plans that will be developed, and second, by having a touchstone to guide decisions when changes occur in the environment. In this way, a shared vision creates a framework that allows the organization to respond flexibly to changing needs rather than simply reacting to them.

In summary, the benefits from developing an organizational vision include:

  • Clear focus and direction
  • More effective use of resources
  • A strong foundation for future growth
  • Greater cohesion and commitment
  • Greater flexibility in adapting to a changing environment
  • Strong impetus for action

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