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Owner Managed Business

In an owner managed business, because work and life are so entwined, it’s especially important that the focus and fit of the business be spot on.

Before clients can “create what they want” they need to know what that is. We start with an assessment of personal needs, and development of a personal vision to ensure that the owner is crystal clear about what’s right for him or her.

The organization vision follows, to focus business direction and to ensure that it lines up with the owner’s personal vision, so that he or she isn’t fighting against himself/herself.

It’s now possible for the owner to “create what they want from what they have”. This means, rather than focusing on a huge goal some time in the future, we work with the resources available today to create the form the vision can take NOW.

This means our clients are able to experience what it’s like to live their vision in the present. Living one’s vision builds confidence and capacity and opens up new possibilities. Because work is aligned with the vision, it’s meaningful; because it works with the resources currently available, work is also effortless, balanced and sustainable.

The vision is the touchstone that allows our clients to determine which opportunities to seize and which to pass by. That way, the experience of living the vision continues, even when the form it might take changes.

How does this look in real life? Read the experiences of some of our clients:

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