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Discovering Vision in Retirement Years: Daphne’s Story

My vision is to find my place in a community
in which our individual expression of spiritual knowing form a coherent whole
that enriches ourselves, our community and the world.—Daphne

Daphne had already been retired for some time before she began work with idea gardens. She had raised her family and had two successful careers as a social worker and a real estate agent, and was looking for something more meaningful for herself.

The clarity that came with her vision helped her to look at her social circle and her art in a new way. For a number of years, Daphne had taken courses to develop and expand her technique and skill as an artist, but was still left with the sense of being a student and an amateur. Despite continuing to perfect her technique as a realistic artist, she was not receiving the recognition and sense of confidence she hoped for.

With her vision as a starting point, Daphne began to create the communities she needed to develop her own voice as an artist. For years she had used her bedroom as her studio space. Leaving that space and renting a studio with other artists was a big first step: a step that gave her both the courage to experiment in new forms, and to begin to create a community of like minded artists. Rather than submitting their work to be adjudicated by others, the group opened their studio to the public, and held their own art shows.

At the same time, she was connecting with two other communities: a circle of friends, all younger than her, who met monthly to engage in meaningful dialogue over breakfast, and a second painting group. All of these groups were part of her journey to find her voice as an artist. Daphne found herself deeply moved by the work of one of the members of her breakfast group: a woman who had gone to Africa to establish a global peace hut. Daphne became a part of the support group in Canada for this organization, and found her connection and experiences spilling over into her art. Her paintings began to resonate with a clear and unique voice. Sales began to rise, and Daphne was approached by a local gallery who wanted to be the exclusive source for her paintings, nationally and internationally.

Daphne continues to nurture and be nurtured by her communities, and to draw from them to explore and produce her art in a way that enriches herself, her communities and the world.

“Working with Peggy helped me to realize that I wanted my art to give expression to my inner landscape rather than continuing to reproduce my environment. Wow! Painting now is a constant source of discovery and unfolding - with results quite unexpected.

I'm loving this journey! Thank you Peggy!”



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